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Top 10 interesting facts about France


Here is the top 10 interesting facts about France :-

1-Attempting to swim the Channel from France has been illegal for 19 years.

2-Potatoes were illegal in France between 1748 and 1772.

3-Tour de France riders need to eat the equivalent of 27 cheeseburgers a day.

4-When Rameses II’s mummified body was shipped to France in 1974, it was issued with a passport.
The mummy’s occupation was given as ‘King (deceased)’.

5-In 1187, as a symbol of unity between their two countries, Richard I of England spent a night in the same bed as Philip II of France.

interesting facts , Top 10 interesting facts about France

6-France has 36,782 mayors, five of whom are mayors of villages that ceased to exist 92 years ago.

7-Since 1959, it has been legal to marry a dead person in France, providing you can prove the wedding was already planned.

8-Three-quarters of the French take their annual holiday in France.

9-There are only two beret factories left in France.

10-In 1367, King Charles V of France explicitly banned the wearing of shoes shaped like penises.


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