Saturday, July 26, 2014

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facts about technology

facts about technology

1- Rubber bands last longer if they are kept in a refrigerator.

2- An average sized teacup can hold around 1 million grains of sand.

3- Electric bug-zappers actually attract bugs.They only kill a small proportion of the bugs they attract, so you may be bitten by more bugs if you have one than if you don’t!

4- There is enough lead in a pencil to draw a line that is 56 kilometres (35 miles) long.You’d need a good pencil sharpener though!

5- Marek Turowski (UK) reached a speed of 148 kilometres (92 miles) per hour driving a motorized couch in May 2007.

6- British scientists found that a robotic nose is better at detecting smells if it is given a coating of artificial bogeys!

7- Scientists are working on a ‘cloak of invisibility’ that will hide objects by making light waves flow around them, like water flowing around a rock in a river.

8- There’s a reason why tomato ketchup won’t come out of the bottle and then falls out in a huge dollop – it’s called shear thinning. Some thick liquids go thin when shaken but no one knows exactly how it works and scientists can’t predict when it will happen.

9- Amazonian Indians heat poison arrow frogs over a fire to sweat the poison out of them. They use the poison to tip their hunting arrows.

10- Earth race is said to be the world’s fastest eco-boat. It’s partly powered by human fat from its crew-members!


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