Monday, August 4, 2014

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interesting facts about africa


1- Woolly bats in West Africa live in spider webs.

2- An African elephant kept in the New York Zoo had tusks that were 3.49 and 3.35 metres (11 feet 5 inches and 10 feet 11 inches) long!

3- The giant African land snail can grow to 39 centimetres (15 inches) and weigh 900 grams (2 pounds).

4- A mushroom from Africa, called the Lady in the Veil, grows faster than any other organism in the world. It grows up to 20 centimetres (8 inches) in only 20 minutes, and can be heard cracking as it grows!

5- The South African quiver tree cuts its own branches off to preserve water. Clever tree!

6- The Vredefort crater in South Africa was created 2 billion years ago by an asteroid or comet striking Earth. It’s big enough to fit 270,000 tennis courts inside!

7- Lake Nyos in Cameroon,Africa, belches out deadly carbon dioxide. Its poisonous burps killed 1,800 people in one night in August 1986. No one really knows where the gas comes from.


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