Thursday, September 18, 2014

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random facts about dogs

1- Dutch scientists have developed a dog food that is almost entirely absorbed by dogs, leaving only 10 per cent as waste. The idea was to solve the problem of dog faeces on city streets. Dogs eating the new food produce only a small, dry pellet of faeces.
2-In 1954, Russian scientist Vladimir Demikhov created a two-headed dog by grafting the head and front legs of a puppy onto a full-grown dog.The two heads would sometimes fight.The animal lived six days, but later he made one that lived a month. Freaky!
3-Swiss vets have found that dogs are suffering from stress more and more. Living in a city and having a demanding owner are two reasons dogs suffer from headaches, stomach pain and other stress-related symptoms.
4-A dog has up to 150 square centimetres (23.25 square inches)
of olfactory membrane – the area used to detect smells. A
human has around 4 square centimetres (0.62 square inches).
5-When polar ice melts, it sometimes reveals woolly mammoths frozen since the end of the last ice age.The mammoth meat can still be fresh – on one occasion, dogs ate the defrosted mammoth before scientists could investigate it!
6-In 1957, a stray dog called Laika became the first dog in space. She went on the satellite Sputnik 2 launched by the USSR, but died in space because the satellite had no means of returning to Earth.