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Top 10 interesting facts about rainforest

Top 10 interesting facts about rainforest
here is a Top 10 interesting facts about rainforests facts.

1-Rainforests cover a mere 2 per cent of the earth, yet more than half of all plant and animal species live there.

2- A type of carnivorous plant found in the tropical rainforests of Asia can ‘eat’ birds and even rats.Animals are attracted by the nectar of the flower, and then fall into a vat of chemicals which dissolve them, feeding the plant.

3- Brazil is home to 30 per cent of the rainforest left on earth.

4- Between the year 2000 and 2005, 80,467 square kilometres (31,068 square miles) of rainforest were lost to deforestation (cutting down trees).

5- Scientists working in the rainforests often find their feet go green and mouldy.The fungus, which usually breaks down old leaves on the forest floor, is just as happy living on a wet, smelly foot.

6- A patch of rainforest the size of a football pitch can be home to 200 different kinds of tree.

7- There are 1,500 types of insect in one rainforest tree in the Amazon, including 50 types of ant!

8- Brazil nut trees grow happily in the rainforest environment and refuse to grow anywhere else in the world. Scientists have tried to remove them to cultivate in labs, but the trees don’t like it.