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Interesting facts about Viking homes

THE VIKINGS were farmers and traders. Those who could earn could earn a reasonable , living were usually content to stay where they were. Some lived In quite large towns. These were good meeting places where people brought things to buy and sell. Below Is the town of Hedeby In the land of the Danish Vikings. Like all Viking towns It was built near water. That was essential. Water was the easiest way to travel or to transport goods. Carts were s low and could not cross rough. boggy land or mountains.

Interesting facts about Viking homes

Facts about Viking! Homes: 

1- Hedeby covered about 60 acres. This was big for a Viking town. Birka In Sweden was about half this size.

2- Most houses measured 20 by 50 feet and lasted about 30 years. When too rotten to repair. they were pulled down and rebuilt.

3- There were no windows. just a hole at the top of each end wall.

4- Cleaning the house was not very Important. Rubbish on the floor was swept out every so often.


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