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Top 10 interesting facts about human body


Here is a top 10 interesting facts about human body :-

1-If a person is struck by lightning, they sometimes vaporize (evaporate) completely, so that there is nothing left of them at all.

2-Bacteria trapped inside a salt crystal for 250 million years were revived and grown by scientists in the USA.

3-An Anglo-American company will store samples of your disease-fighting white blood cells, so that more can be made if you get ill.

4-An adult human takes about 23,000 breaths per day.

5-It takes less than 0.1 grams (0.004 ounces) of poison found in parts of the puffer fish to kill an adult human. However, some people eat the fish regularly as they know which bits to remove!
Top 10 interesting facts about human body
6-Dead bodies can remain perfectly intact after many years. This can happen when fat in the body turns into a type of soap that doesn't rot.

7-Some people are ‘human calculators’ and can do really complicated sums in their heads instantly – even faster than someone with a calculator! No one knows exactly how their brains are different.

8-Malaria is a tropical disease spread by mosquitoes. Since the Stone Age, malaria has been responsible for
half of all human deaths from illness.

9-If scientists could build a brain from computer chips, it would take a million times as much power to run as a real human brain.

10-Each person’s tongue print is unique.

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