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Top 10 interesting facts about mars

Here is the top 10 interesting facts about mars :-
1 - Although the size of Mars a little more than half the size of the Earth, it's land area equal to its counterpart on the ground; because most of the land surface is covered with water in the earth, while Mars is dry.

2 - often Mars are in third place as the most celestial brighter in our sky after the moon and Venus, but in some other times takes its orbit for long distances, making it seem dimmed like a star.

3 - Wind on Mars less power from the wind on the ground, because the atmosphere of Mars extremely thin; Even the strongest winds on Mars, which may reach 133 km / h is not strong influence, and be most wind on Mars light, with speeds often 4 km / h.

4 - There are places on Mars where the waves fade immediately after the collision radar surfactant This occurs because the thickness of the dust on Mars can not penetrate radar waves, and avoid landing vehicles these places where it's used radar waves to determine the distance between them and the surface during landing.

5 - The sunlight that reflected by the earth as seen from the surface of Mars called (Ground-gloss).

interesting facts , Top 10 interesting facts about mars

6 - There are a lot of frozen water in the polar regions on the surface of Mars, scientists believe that the planet will sink in water if the polar ice melted.

7 - Mars' moons, one called (Phobos) and the other (Deimos), if we stand on the surface of Mars, the intensity of the brightness of the moon Phobos not exceeding one-twentieth of the intensity of the brightness of Earth's moon as seen from Earth, the Moon smaller Deimos appears as a star.

8 - many large craters on the surface of Mars  named relative to the leading scientists such as: Herschel Copernicus, Newton and Kepler and Galileo Galilee.

9 - perhaps the two satellites (Phobos and Deimos) remnants of moons that crashed millions of years ago, maybe it happened when he approached the moon's orbit much of Mars which led to Anctarh by the force of Martian gravity.

10 - The first space shuttle took pictures of Mars in 1964, still to this day is going on in permanent orbit around the sun, and will remain there until decay or collide with something.


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