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Top 25 chuck Norris jokes - part one

Here is the top 25 Chuck Norris weird jokes :- 

1-Chuck Norris doesn't sleep. He waits.

2-Chuck Norris is not hung like a horse. Horses are hung like Chuck Norris.

3-Chuck Norris' calendar goes straight from March 31st to April 2nd. No one fools Chuck Norris.

4-Some kids piss their name in the snow. Chuck Norris can piss his name into concrete.

5-The chief export of Chuck Norris is pain.

6-Chuck Norris is the only person in the world that can actually email a roundhouse kick.

7-Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried.

8-Chuck Norris uses ribbed condoms inside out, so he gets the pleasure.

9-When Chuck Norris is put in a straight jacket to be contained, he doesn't go insane, the jacket does. NOBODY tries to contain Chuck Norris.

10-Jesus can walk on water, but Chuck Norris can swim through dry land.

11-Chuck Norris once shot an enemy plane down with his finger, by yelling, "Bang!"

12-When Chuck Norris has sex with men, it is not because he is gay, but because he has ran out of women.
 chuck Norris jokes,Top 25 chuck Norris jokes - part one
13-Chuck Norris doesn't read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants.

14-If Superman and The Flash were to race to the edge of space you know who would win? Chuck Norris.

15-Chuck Norris only masturbates to pictures of Chuck Norris.

16-Chuck Norris eats transformer toys in vehicle mode and poos them out transformed into a robot.

17-Chuck Norris once visited the Virgin Islands. They are now The Islands.

18-Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas when he goes to sleep.

19-Chuck Norris does not need to use spell check. If he happens to misspell a word, Oxford changes its actual spelling.

20-Chuck Norris died ten years ago, but the Grim Reaper can't get up the courage to tell him.

21-Chuck Norris does not wear a condom. Because there is no such thing as protection from Chuck Norris.

22-There is no chin under Chuck Norris' beard. There is only another fist.

23-Chuck Norris once challenged Lance Armstrong in a "Who has more testicles" contest. Chuck Norris won... by five.

24-Chuck Norris is the reason why Waldo is hiding.

25-Chuck Norris can kill two stones with one bird.

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